Steepster tries to shorten the URL that links to your review when posting to Twitter. When that doesn't work, you often have a tweet that exceeds the 140 characters allowed by Twitter. This causes the auto-posting of a tea note from Steepster to Twitter to fail. You'll then need to manually create the tweet.

Browse to a Tea Review Page

You'll need two pieces of information to manually build the link to your review on Steepster so you can Tweet it; the link to reviews and your post ID.

Browse to the main review page for the tea note you want to tweet (1) and copy URL (2). In this example, it's

Find Your Post ID

To locate the ID to your specific note, you'll need to look at the code that's building the review page. The way you do this varies by Internet browser but typically you right-click and select View Source.

Search for your Steepster User Name to find your post. (1)

Note the post ID (2). In my example, that's 75702.

Build Your Tweet

Build Your Tweet

Create the complete link to your review using the information from the steps above. It's the review page link + ?post= + your review ID. So, for my example that's:

The traditional format of a Steepster tweet (1) includes some standard wording, the URL and the #tea and #steepster hash tags. But remember, you either need to shorten the URL because it's too long or simply change the tweet so it's less than 140 characters. I use TweetDeck and it automatically shortens URLs using (2.)

Now Tweet!